In Estonia since 1909

Relief from the effects of addiction

Promoting a holistic

Entrepreneurship, creative co-operation

What is solution?

First groups of Estonian Blue Cross started at 1909 until the Soviet occupation 1941.
NGO Blue Cross Estonia restarted their activities on 1993 until 2012, being also a member of International Blue Cross Federation (IFBC). International organization was established at 1877, today we have about 40 national member organizations all over the World.

During 1993-2012 organization operates as an independent branches in Estonia:

  • City of Tallinn. Prevention of youth addiction problems, training programs, family care and help center.
  • Tartu. An info and training center, prevention of youth addiction problems in co-operation with an Organization of Estonian Good Templars and Union of Estonian Health Education.
  • Haapsalu. Youth work with Haapsalu Gymnasium.
  • Pärnu. Work with men’s addiction problems.

There were also active co-operation between member organizations in Finland, Sweden and elsewhere.

Today in Blue Cross Estonia we are focusing on youth at risk, social entrepreneurship, addiction problems.