"Every child has a talent, but most of the talents won’t survive.."
/ Ü.Vooglaid /

Why is it so and what to do if we’ve found ourselves there where we are today as a society?

Healing society
in practical co-operation

World, where everyone
has a chance for
healty life

Truthfulness, Creation,

Basic problems, which appear hand-in-hand, in our society are: a lack of trust and lack of co-operation – between professional fields, generations, genders, nations and etc. Every group has its own clear opinion about reality, but it’s hard to find a common language.


Reason is simple, seemingly, but the solution requires prolonged committed co-operation.
Our history is filled by violence, also a nowadays. Emotional level of human beings is full of traumas which is blocking our endeavors to feel emotional closeness with other people. So we are losing, slowly but surely, contact with reality, moving away from real information which is coming from other people. We hear, but don’t perceive a real context of life. We watch people, but don’t see them, really.

What is solution?

Our world offers us lots of possibilities for co-operation, to save the world and our lives. Practical co-operation for a common good is what connects us, brings us closer.

NGO Blue Cross Estonia mission is creating practical co-operational projects between the fields and generations in order to connect and heal our society. And also help seekers once again to establish a connection within, to find her/his unique talent and build it up in real life.

What is solution?

First groups of Estonian Blue Cross started at 1909 until the Soviet occupation.
NGO Blue Cross Estonia restarted their activities on 1993 until 2012, being also a member of International Blue Cross Federation (IFBC). International organization was established at 1877, today we have about 40 national member organizations all over the World.

During 1993-2012 organization operates as an independent branches in Estonia:

  • City of Tallinn. Prevention of youth addiction problems, training programs, family care and help center.
  • Tartu. An info and training center, prevention of youth addiction problems in co-operation with an Organization of Estonian Good Templars and Union of Estonian Health Education.
  • Haapsalu. Youth work with Haapsalu Gymnasium.
  • Pärnu. Work with men’s addiction problems.

There were also active co-operation between member organizations in Finland, Sweden and elsewhere.

After 2012 due to retirement and Final Leave at 2019 of former leader Juta Piirlaid, an organization had no activities.

Today we are working on restarting Blue Cross in Estonia focusing on youth at risk, social entrepreneurship, addiction problems.