Everything starts from family, also a phenomenon which we know as a youth at risk.

Divorce rate in Estonia reaces 80%, following single parent’s role carry mostly women. In an education system, within a teachers, has also great female domination. They, mothers and teachers, do their best, but the role model of a man / father for raising generation remain incomplete.

Father’s influence is which should give youngster an inner security, an inner discipline. Due to lack of father’s influence a young people, especially those who have higher level of energy, often get into troubles.

Boys acquire necessary father’s / man’s role model from random sources which are usually just not good enough for real life. It results again with broken family and single mother raised kids.

Girls without father’s impact often have low self confidence (as a woman). As there’s been lack of father’s presence, girls tend to look for masculine attention to early age. Boys, met in random relationship, are usually not ready to take a father’s responsibility.

This is a closed circle – broken families produce broken young people, broken people produce broken families and children.

We see youth at risk as one of the most important focus groups to work with and through this work direct our society into healthier circle of life.